Want a cottage in the heart of Glen Arbor? Location….location….location. We have two right here on the Glen Arbor Bed & Breakfast property and steps from everything. Beach. Bike & Kayak Livery. Wine Tasting. Coffee Shop. Grocery Store. Shops & Galleries. Both spaces perfect for safe distancing, too. One bedroom plus a trundle in Lane's Cottage accommodates two or three or ..MAYBE…four person group. Dean's Cottage more roomy for two or three or four with Queen's bed loft, bunk room and more sizeable common area. Plus full kitchens in both cottages.
Holding open for weekly rental bookings for the entire summer/fall until May 1st. Or, after May 1st, jump in for availability for two to five night stays. Need the room to work AND play while you are in Glen Arbor, with safe distancing guaranteed and all the advantages of the Glen Arbor Bed & Breakfast's personal attention? Here it is!!!!!

Lane's Cottage

All the amenities of the inn except breakfasts, and perfect safe distancing? The private Lane's Cottage for two, three or –MAYBE –four people is for you. Bright, comfortable, welcoming furnishings and all linens. A/C, cable TV, Wifi. Fireplace, too.

  • Lounge area with daybed/trundle, cozy upholstered chairs and dining space;
  • Fully-equipped kitchen, private outdoor picnic table and grill;
  • Separate bedroom with queen bed;
  • Private bathroom with full shower. 

Depending on the season, Lane's weekly tariff from $1260-$1,900 for a six or seven night stay. Daily tariff is $230-$300 for stays of two-five nights, plus a $50 per stay cleaning fee.  

Dean's Cottage

Want that slightly larger space, still in the heart of Glen Arbor, and sharing the inn’s amenities except for breakfasts? A/C, cable TV, WiFi. Fireplace, too. Then the pine-paneled Dean's Cottage is for you. That's right, it says Wifi for any work while you are here, and at guaranteed safe distance. Steps from everything, and available for as few as two nights. Accommodates up to four guests, and features: 

  • Roomy great room with fireplace, snuggle-in living area, and dining/game table space;
  • Private loft with queen bed, and 2nd bedroom on the first floor with bunkbeds,
  • Full bath with shower, also on the ground floor.
  • Fully equipped kitchen, private picnic table, patio table and grill.

Depending on the season, weekly tariff from $1,575-$2300 for a six or seven night stay. Daily tariff is $265-$345 for stays of two – five nights plus a $50 per stay cleaning fee.