Two Bed & Kitchen Cottages at the Glen Arbor Bed & Breakfast

Lane’s Cottage

Want a cottage in the heart of Glen Arbor, steps from everything from beach to town to bike & kayak livery to wine tasting, and perfect for social distancing? Need a cottage reservation for a few as two nights? Wish all the amenities of the inn, including clean, comfortable furnishings and linens, air conditioning, high speed WiFi, and flat-screen TV for streaming services? A fireplace, too? Only breakfast is not included? Then the private Lane’s Cottage at the Glen Arbor Bed & Breakfast (or Dean’s Cottage if you prefer a little larger space) is for you!


  • Lounge area with daybed/trundle, cozy upholstered chairs and dining space
  • Fully-equipped kitchen, private outdoor picnic table and grill
  • Separate bedroom with queen bed
  • Full bathroom with shower and even exclusive water heater.

Weekly tariffs from $1060-$1,550, and daily tariffs from $195-$278, with a minimum stay of two (2) nights during any season. For nightly stays of three (3) nights or less, there is a surcharge of $35 per guest per stay for more than two guests in Lane’s Cottage.


Dean’s Cottage

Want that larger space, still in the heart of Glen Arbor, sharing the inn’s amenities, steps from everything, and available for as few as two nights?Then the private, pine-paneled Dean’s Cottage is for you! Accommodates up to four guests, and features: 


  • Spacious great room with fireplace, dining area, snuggle-in chair and comfy sofa.
  • Fully equipped kitchen, private picnic table, patio table, and grill. 
  • Private loft with queen bed. 
  • Second bedroom with bunk beds and full bath with shower on the ground floor.

Fireplace, air conditioning, flat-screen TV for streaming services, and high speed WiFi.

Weekly tariffs from $1,350-1,950, and daily tariffs from $215-$315, with a minimum stay of two (2) nights during any season. For nightly stays of three (3) nights or less, there is a surcharge of $35 per guest per stay for more than two guests in Dean’s Cottage.